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01 January 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Scrapbook 2009  



01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 


since: November 08
title: Life in technicolor / Coldplay - Yellow
+by minty-peach @ lj
+header made by me featuring Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

since: January 09
title: Life in technicolor / January Bones

+by minty-peach @ lj
+header made by me featuring January Jones at the Golden Globes

since: February 09
title: Life in technicolor / Goodnight, Travel Well

+by minty-peach @ lj
+header made by me featuring Han Chae-young

since: March 09
title: Life in technicolor / Bon Iver - For Emma

+by minty-peach @ lj
+header made by me featuring Yoon Eunhye

since: March 09
title: Life in technicolor / Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

+by refutare @ lj
+header made by me featuring James Ford and Kate Austen

since: July 09
title: Life in technicolor /

+by refutare @ lj
+header made by me featuring Daniel Henney and Yoon Eunhye

since: September 09
title: Life in technicolor /

+by velvetb0x @ lj
+header made by me featuring Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra


01: From Devil town / Life in technicolor
credit: refuted code / yled banner

02. From: Life in Technicolor [march'09]
credit: refuted code / yled banner




January : Chloe + James Franco, Kate Winslet, Yoon EunHye, January Jones, Freida and Dev, Marion Cotillard, Cobie Smulders, Golden Globes, Zooey Deschanel + Joseph Gordon Levitt, Sohee
·February: Neil Patrick with pregnant ladies Cobie and Aly, Jessica Zhor and Ed Westwick, directors vs actors {dev-boyle, nicole-baz, pe-woody, sam-kate}, Ginnie-Jen-Drew, Freida Pinto, Han Chaeyoung, Suri, Yoon Eunhye, Kang JiHwan & Kim HaNeul,
·March: Eunhye for Vogue, skins cast, Vanity fair people, Gossip Girl cast,
·April + May + June + July: Diane Kruger, Eunhye, JGL, January Jones, daniel henney + eunhye,
I'm done with uploading, for now on go to my  TUMBLR 



January; Freida Pinto, Russian Red, Hana Yori Dango Korea/Boys over Flowers, Summer Heights High, Skins new generation.
February: Hareton+Catherine, [Cook+Pandora+Emily+Naomi], Family Outing
March: bon iver's "For Emma, forever ago", Blitzen Trapper
April: Park Bom, Life on Mars
May: 2ne1, Star Trek (And Alll the cast, plz, Anton, plz, Chris Pine.....omg. too much to handle), The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, GLEE!!!!!!!!
June: To Kill a Mockingbird, Fanfarlo, Flight of the conchords (bret <3), Stars
July: CL awesome female ever y/y., Alexander Skarsgård / Eric of True Blood....wow, Kings of Leon
August: Kings, The Tudors, Vetusta Morla
September: 10things I hate about you (show), (500) days of summer, Stars
October: Community, The Road, Modern Family
November: omg you Damian Kulash, The Frozen Heart
December: Interpol, Bat for Lashes,


January; Fleet Foxes, Leo and Kate plz, Slumdog Millionaire, Friday Night Lights, LOST LOST LOST. OHMYGOD.LOST!. Ellie the Lostie a.k.a. Mrs Hawking
February: The Office+Jam (513), Kara's Honey, Carnival!,
March: Family Outing, Lost!Lost!, Jim Lafleur, Yoon Eunhye!
April: Chuck (long live chuck!sarah!) Lost...oh, sawyer :_, Diane Kruger + Joshua Jackson
May: Park Bom's voice. Fringe, Bones, Anton Yelchin, Veronica Mars
June: To Kill a mockingbird
July: 2ne1, True Blood
August: Medium, Joe f*****g Dubois, Gd, Gd, baby baby!, Leonarrdo.
September: Firefly, Inara, Glee
October: The Office! JAM!, Stars, Stars, Stars
November: Ok Go, the swell season
December: Grease is the word. CL CL CL, oh my CL., Travis, Fran Healy



001 || Sweet Ballad || Zooey Deschanel feat Von Iva
002 || Yes Man || Zooey Deschanel feat Von Iva
003 || Prospekts March || Coldplay
004 || Your Protector || Fleet Foxes
005 || Latika's theme || slumdog millionaire ost
006 || Ragged Wood || Fleet Foxes
007 || Blue Ridge Mountains || Fleet Foxes


008 || Naughty Girl || Mr G
009 || Mykonos || Fleet Foxes
010 || Levater || Yael Naim
011 || Hummingbird || Born Ruffians
012 || Sweet Disposition || The Temper Traps


013 || Flume || Bon Iver
014 || For Emma || Bon Iver
015 || See me through || Ida Maria
016 || I'm a full grown man || Phosphorescent


017 || Furr || Blitzen Trapper
018 || Life on Mars || David Bowie
019 || Creature Fear || Bon Iver
020 || I am a Rock || Simon & Garfunkel
021 || God & Suicide || Blitzen Trapper


022 || A dustland fairytale || The Killers
023 || Fire || 2ne1
024 || Inní mér syngur vitleysingur || Sigur Ros
025 || Don't Stop believing || Glee Cast
026 || Rehab || Glee Cast


027 || The Rain Pauly || Boat Beam
028 || Lion Hunt || Boat Beam
029 || URA fever || The Kills
030 || Your Ex-Lover Is Dead || Stars ♥
031 || Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time || Fanfarlo
032 || I'm a Pilot || Fanfarlo
033 || Comets || Fanfarlo
034 || Soft Revolution || Stars


035 || Calendar Girl || Stars
036 || I don't care || 2ne1
037 || I'm yours || Jason Mraz
038 || Crawl || Kings of Leon
039 || Use Somebody || Kings of Leon


040 || Año Nuevo || Vetusta Morla
041 || Stay Together || 2NE1
042 || She's Gone || G-Dragon feat Kush
043 || Sharabbey Road || Vetusta Morla

044 || Al respirar || Vetusta Morla


045 || In These Arms || The Swell Season
046 || You make my dreams || Hall & Oates
047 || Please, Please, Please, Let me get what i want || She & Him


048 || Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy) || Stars
049 || Maybe This Time || Kristen Chenoweth & Lea Michelle
050 || Don't be afraid to sing || Stars
051 ||
Heart || Stars
052 || Ceclia || Simon & Garfunkel
053 || Keep holding on || Glee Cast
054 || Somebody to love || Glee Cast


055 || There is a light that never goes out || The Smiths
056 || You ain't going anywhere || Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglova
057 || Chinese || Lily Allen
058 || Please don't go || CL & Minzy


059 || WTF? || Ok Go
060 || Shadowplay || The Killers
061 || No I in Threesome || Interpol
062 || Rest my Chemistry || Interpol
063 || 1901 || Phoenix
064 || Crystalised || The xx
065 || My Girls || Animal Collective
066 || Daniel || Bat for Lashes
067 || Crying Lighting || Arctic Monkeys

V I D E O S:

· Skins 3rd season promo./// SKINS SERIES 3 UNCUT TRAILER & HQish HERE. [not as good as the old ones, but stil]
· Kate winning the golden globe for best actress in revolutionary road, and saying those great things about Leo. *____*  my crazy entry here.
· Happy Tuesday 13th. :)
· Big Love stars again today! after almost a year T_T
· I can't wait to see this!! 500 Days of Summer trailer! Zooey AND Joseph? the universe loves me.
· Life in Technicolor vol II video!!! I can't believe it! *_____*  crazy entry here

· Ryan started the Fire. epic!!!! I love that I recognize every word of the song. :D
· Elmo must die? Legendary! the birth scene is gold.
· This is perfection. Mykonos love <3
- WOW. This makes me want to learn how to use a bike. 
- Oh Benry!....no comment needed.
· The Most Fantastic Live ever. Y/Y. Seriously....why so good?
- Awesome Alice!inspired song. It's amazing. I watched here. and it's crazy.
- Hahaha. I've killed that vampire! xDDDDDDDDD
- Lost-4400.....Lost-Buffy. I'm in love with this!!! So well done
- Amber Benson singing/dancing la Macarena. twitter can do anything uh?.
- Flapjack is really nice on singing uh? xd
- Lollollollol ... wut wut wut in the butt?! xd
- Best Video of Lost by far. need medication?
· Oh god, Paris Jackson speaking on behalf of his father. This is heartbreaking! T_T I've cried so much :_
· Perfect Wedding Entrance...it's so much fun like this!
· Comic-con strikes again, LOST Panel...."In Memory Of"......(Juls is not there! yaay)
· Tom Baldwin, Juliet and Inara all together for V! I love it. Morena and Elizabeth together? plus Joel, plus Alan (in the future)? WINWINWIN
· I LIKE TURTLES! .......hahaahahahaha xdddddd classic hilarity is back! thank you!
· dang dang dang!!!!! CL the one and only baddest female! i can't wait for this song. please, make a music video xd
· 2ne1's Last Farewell! woot wooooot. CL baby, you are the master of spectacle
· doo you wanna date my avatar, she's a starrr. and she's hotter than reality by farr! awesome!
· Glee's push it! I can't waiiiiiiittttttt
· 2ne1's soft and lovely version of I dont care....why is CL so pretty? /fangirl.
· I love fleet foxes so much.
· This is love, oh my, i'm dying right now.
· LOL. Jaja, es viejo, pero lo veo una y otra vez y me meo xd
· This Poker Face version is the shit! hahahaha i love the costumes
· Promo for Canary Islands, neat Lost style.
· BEST LOST PROMO EVER!!!!  Y hecha en cuatro!!!! amazing
· Berto y Buenafuente llegan a límities humorísticos insospechados xd
· The Runaways trailer. looks promising! I dont know how many times i've seen this already
· LMFAO. best mashup ever
· PostSecret: Fifty People, One Question
· Este tio es lo maaaasssss!!!!!! jajaajajaja. El hombre que llora porque no sabe poner las cadenas xDDDD
· Elmo & Ricky Gervais on Sesame Street   
· Glee Flashmob on Italy     

· Merry xmas! LOL, me encantan los anuncios de mixta

M E M O R A B L E MOMENTS [dd/mm/yy]

· I almost died when I read that Katherine Neville made the second part of "The Eight". I cried and climbed over the walls of my bedroom. It's the awesomest news ever. thank you! I have to buy this tomorrow asap. done :D the bad thing is, it's for xmas so, 3 more days! [02-jan-09]
· This is a pretty good list of the 15 most kickass women on television.  And I agree, with number 1,2,4,5,6,8,10,11,14...9/15. bingo! [03-jan-09]
· I'm watching the golden globes online and shit! Kate winslet just won for Revolutionary Road (for the reader too) and omg, her speech was so perfect, telling those wonderfulls things to Leo, i'm spazzing!!!!! - YAY! MAD MEN WON TOO! - *plz, Leo and Slumdog Millionaire, have to win* 3:49 am - Leo didnt win :( 3:55 am - YES! SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! awesome, awesome! -4:03 am- goodnight [12/01/09] picspam here [18/jan/09]

· Why?! Marketa and Glen have broken up! First of all. I didn't know they were actually together. And the same day they're not? whyyy universee whyyy. I wanted to enjoy the happy moment. *_*
· ONTD is broken : ( '09 epic post already, in january. [29/jan/09] updated 3/feb/ It's back! : D
· Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham) and Mark Valley (John Scott) got married. WTF? that's creepy xD [02/feb/09]
· The grammys sucked x100, coldplay won...some country dudes too...blablala, boring [08/feb/09]
· WTF happened with Rihanna and Chris Brown? I'm not a fan of either of them, but still....twisted : S  At the beginning i thought it was a joke because they were taking down their grammy perf....but, oh gawd. big WTF [09/feb/09]
· the OSCARS!!!!! All happened as predicted, so i'm really happy! Slumdog best movie (+7 more awards), Kate for supporting actress (yay), and a lot of more stuff. *crazy entry here* [22/feb/09]
· FNL is renewed for two more seasons!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. [27/march/09]
· Andy Hallet has died :_ so sad [30 /march/09]
· Alyson has named his daughter the most horrible name ever...Satyana? rly? like in Satan? How could you let her do that Alexis! [31/March/09]
· SMG is pregnant!!!! yaaay, but please, dont call your baby a weird name [10/April/09]
- Why I did not learn the fact that the "V" cast is awesome?????? I should have known that yesterday! My lovely Morena Baccarin, Elizabeth Mitchel, Joel Gretsch, and Alan Tudyk.....Can i ask for more in a sci-fi show? I was aready happy with Liz, and now you give me these fantastic four? thank you. [19/May/09]
· Classy Kristen Stewart @ mtvvideoawards [1-june-09]
· Happy 25th Birthday Tetris!!!! [6/jun/09]
· michael Jackson died. :_ horrible day uh. ...Epic day too.[ 25/june/09]
· WTF Kanye West?! [13/sept/09]
· Patrick Swayze died ... :_ THIS is sad. : ( [14/sept/09]
· SMG's baby was born! Charlotte Grace! fuckyeah buffyverse babies! (24/sept/09)
· Jim and Pam getting married. Dream come true <3 PICSPAM HERE.
· Brittany Murphy died :_ Really shocking :_ (20/dec/09)


1. The Fire || Katherine Neville

*/ finished Wuthering Heights as I stop reading it to start with The Fire

2.  Hamlet || William Shakespeare

3. Of Mice and Men || John Steinbeck

4. Alice adventures in wonderland || Lewis Carroll

5.  To Kill a Mockingbird || Harper Lee

6.  The Catcher in the Rye || J.D. Salinger

7. The Hunger Games || Suzanne Collins

8. The Road || Cormac McCarthy

9.   Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World || Kyoichi Katayama  

10. La Invención de Morel || Adolfo Bioy Casares

11.  El corazón Helado || Almudena Grandes ♥    

12.   Never Let me Go || Kazuo Ishiguro  


· JANUARY = 10 new movies
· FEBRUARY = 7 new movies
· MARCH = 7 new movies
· APRIL= 7 new movies
· MAY = 5 new movies
· JUNE = 13 new movies
· JULY = 5 new movies
· AUGUST = 13 new movies
· SEPTEMBER = 7 new movies
· OCTOBER = 6 new movies
· NOVEMBER = 6 new movies
· DECEMBER = 18 new movies




· TUMBLR {since june}

· GIF PARTY!! {stopped because is breaking my internet}


  - Medium 4x16 Drown World
  - Friday Night Lights 3x12 Underdog
  - How I met your Mother 4x12 Benefits
  - Friday Night Lights 3x13 Tomorrow Blues
  - Lost 5x03 Jughead
  - Summer Heights High 1x08
  - The Office 5x13 Stress Relief
  - Skins 3x04 Pandora
  - Lost 5x08 LaFleur
  - Skins 3x07 JJ
  - Dollhouse 1x07 Echoes
  - The Office 5x21 The Michael Scott Paper Company 
  - Chuck 2x21 Chuck v.s. The Colonel
  - Fringe  - 1x17 Bad Dreams
  - Dollhouse - 1x11 Briar Rose
  - Fringe - 1x19 The Road Not Taken
  - The Office -  5x25 Cafe Disco
  - Grey's Anatomy - 5x22 What a Difference a day makes
  - Fringe - 1x20 There is more than one of everything
  - Lost - 5x17 The Incident part 2
  - Bones  - 5x26 The End in the Beginning
  - The Office - 5x26 Company Picnic
  - How I Met Your Mother - 4x24 The Leap
  - Glee - 1x01 Pilot (&unaired pilot)
  - The Big Bang Theory - 1x13 The Bat Jar Conjecture 
  - The Big Bang Theory - 2x03 The Barbarian Sublimation
  - The Big Bang Theory - 2x07 The Panty Piñata Polarization
  - The Big Bang Theory - 2x11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
  - Flight of The Conchords - 1x01 Sally
  - True Blood - 2x01 Nothing but the Blood
  - Medium - 5x06 Apocalypse...Now?
  - Medium - 5x11 The Devil Inside (1)
  - Medium - 5x12 The Devil Inside (2)
  - Medium - 5x17 The First Bite Is the Deepest
  - Medium - 5x19 Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo
  - Kings - 1x08 The Sabbath Queen
  - Kings - 1x10 Chapter One
  - Kings - 1x13 The New King (ii)
  - True Blood - 2x07 Release Me
  - True Blood - 2x09 I will rise up
  - Mad Men 3x03 My Old Kentucky Home
  - Mad Men 3x06 Guy walks into an Advertising Agency
  - Fringe 2x02 Night of Desirable Objects
  - Glee 1x05 The Rhodes not taken
  - Community 1x03 Introduction to Film
  - Medium 6x02 Who's that girl
  - The Office 6x04 Niagara part 1
  - The Office 6x05 Niagara part 2
  - Glee 1x07 Throwdown
  - Friday Night Lights 4x01 East of Dillon
  - The Office 6x08 Koi pond
  - Mad Men 3x13 Shut the door, have a seat
  - Fringe 2x08 August
  - Friday Night Lights 4x05 The Son
  - Fringe 2x09 Snakehead
  - Friday Bight Lights 4x06 Stay
  - Fringe 2x10 Grey Matters
  - Dollhouse 2x08 A Love Supreme
  - Dollhouse 2x09 Stop-Loss
  - Dollhouse 2x10 The Attic


LOL LOL LOL and LOL @ this:

" [...] Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. ... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."
                                                      Stephen King

" [...] Los ruiseñores sólo se dedican a cantar para alegrarnos. No estropean los frutos de los huertos, no anidan en los arcones del maíz, no hacen nada más que derramar su corazón, cantando para nuestro deleite. Por eso es pecado matar a un ruiseñor."
                                                      Atticus Finch (Harper Lee - Matar a un ruiseñor)

"[...]Me miraba como si su vida estuviera en mis manos y yo sabía que eso era exactamente lo que sucedía.[...]"
                                                       Álvaro Carrión Otero sobre Raquel Fernández Perea (El corazón Helado-Almudena Grandes)

[...]El amor lo puede todo, y entre quedarse con algo y quedarse sin nada, cualquiera escogería quedarse con algo. La nada no puede compararse excepto consigo misma, el amor tampoco.  El amor no puede compararse excepto consigo mismo, y tampoco se puede deshacer, no se puede mentir y no se puede obviar mientras exista. Por muy inconveniente, por muy indeseable, por muy terrible que sea.[...]
                                                      El corazón Helado - Almudena Grandes     


· Scrapbookin starts again! [2/Jan/09]
· I have to be the most scare-free person of the world then.
· I hope you don't break down now, i'm talking really seriously (me to my computer, wich its free guarantee of two years it's already over) [11/Jan/09]
· I'm waiting in agony. I need to know if FNL is over or not! i need more! Season 4 has to happen! [15/Jan/09]
· It's being a hard day. I've had everything, birthday, funerals, oscars noms, works from college, Lost ... funerals.. .."I just want to see the sun another day" [22/Jan/09]
·It's Carnival again! :D [3-feb-09] (and my cousin's bday) xD
· Hay un jodido mosquito en la biblioteca que no me para de picar!!!!!!!! [12-feb-09]
· Que rabia me da cuando me doy cuenta que la temporada de la serie que creia acabada....no lo está, aun queda un capi mas! que tonta! 3 meses despues [19-marzo-09]
· I'm freaking out, i didnt know emmy rossum could sing and now her voice doesnt match with her face. :X
· College sucks.
· tengo tdt! uee, ahora puedo ver las series en dua
· ver las fotos/spoilers de the office me ha hecho increiblemente feliz T_T
· Firefly for a crappy day <3 16-17/Sept/09
· I'm starting to be internet-lazy 8/nov/09
· Después de todo este tiempo, estoy enamorada (otra vez) de esta canción - Humpty Dumpty love song- 9-dec-09
· Best Game Ever! omgomgomgomg. (30.dec.09)
· and the year ends...*sigh*


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